Here's What We Will Cover

  • Invention of Computers
  • Networking
  • Cons of using Internet
  • Cybercrime
  • Cyber Security

29 July 2020

We Are Safe. Really?

Since the birth of first human on this planet, this world has witnessed an infusion of precious knowledge about various aspects, processes, phenomenon which ultimately has lead towards the foundation of various inventions and discoveries that ultimately affected the lives of almost every living organism on this planet. Some in a good way and some…… Not so good.
One such invention was the computer. A box, that today has placed itself as a real problem solver for the humans. Today, It comes in various forms. You can have it as a desktop workstation, a foldable Laptop, a Single big screen called tablet or a mobile phone. We also have wearables like smartwatches which have the capabilities of tracking our activities as well as can serve some functionalities of phones.
All of these are connected through a network of networks called the Internet. Internet is something that has created a common place for everyone around the world to share and sell their interests, thoughts, ideas, products, talent and inventions.
But this commonplace has some side effects that can totally sabotage someone’s whole personal life. In the name of using the “applications” over the device, people tend to allow the developer to have access to their sensitive information like multimedia graphics, contacts, messages etc. This increase the risk of loss of the sensitive data from the device that people use. Just like this, countless number of sources of threats exist that if not handled carefully can lead to serious cybercrimes.
So, it can be asserted that with growth in technology, a need of development in area of cybersecurity also intensifies. One thing is for sure that the sole motive of cybersecurity, irrespective of any kind of IT infrastructure should be a preventive one. Focus should be over application of the necessary preventive measures to resist any sort of attack on the system.