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An expert Network Engineer, well qualified, who could undertake International projects which were characterized by a high level of complexity and demand lots of analytical thinking having accurate forecasting abilities. To add more, the candidate should possess a proven record on features like Active Directory Support, Network support, Exchange Support, Exchange Patching, AV migration & support, Server Patching, Certificate Management and VMWare Support.


Besides the recruitment, the client also wanted us to guide him on various aspects since he was totally unaware of the Indian working environment. It was our first project with client and the panel was scheduled from Singapore on a given date for the final decision. So, we had to ensure that the candidate shortlisted for the final rounds were the best ones. There were no room for errors in it.

Our approach

A very meticulous plan was strategized in this regard, right from approaching the candidates through various sources, assessing their skills by conducting online testes and providing them with assignments for presentations, our team took up this task to success. Lot of Advertisements on portals, professional networking sites, social media sites and other sources was done to attract more application. The candidates had to be put through of trials and those who emerged out successful were proceeded further for the sessions. Finally, the project was completed with brining five experts on board. The client was delighted and appointed us as their official APAC partner globally.